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Lambhill Stables

Lambhill Stables is located in the north of Glasgow and was built around 1815 as a staging post in the days when horses pulled boats and barges along the Forth and Clyde Canal.

The building was acquired by the community in 2007, and has now been transformed into a vibrant and thriving community hub which is open to everyone.


Lambhill Stables is a safe, inspiring community hub improving the North of the City for all.


Lambhill Stables, on the banks of the Forth and Clyde Canal is a unique and picturesque setting where we work towards improving the quality of life for all ages and abilities. We provide opportunities for learning new skills, taking part in creative and social activities and caring for the environment.

What We Do

Just a stones throw away from the historical Fourth and Clyde Canal. Lambhill Stables offer art classes, lunch and social groups, history and heritage group, youth and scout groups, sewing and knitting classes, photography and computer clubs, live music evenings and a community garden that is open to everyone.

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lambhill stables
lambhill stables

Get Involved

VOLUNTEERING - We are very proud of all our volunteers who play a vital role in supporting Lambhill Stables. There are many areas that you can volunteer. These include our bike hub, cafe and kitchen or our extensive gardens which are always requiring attention. If you think you maybe interested then please get in touch.

MEMBERS - Becoming a member makes you part of the Lambhill Stables family. You will recieve regular updates of events and what is happening at Lambhill Stables. As a bonus you will recieve 10% off all food and drink in our cafe and kitchen and 10% off in our bike hub. Join us now it is completly FREE.

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Lambhill Stables relies not only on the support of the local community but also our many and varied supporters who allow use to thrive and continue.

lambhill stables
lambhill stables

What’s On

Everyone is welcome at Lambhill Stables, not just members. Read all about our latest news and learn about our classes and events happening at our wonderful community hub, everything from opening times, class dates to all our social media posts.

Keeping you up to date with what’s happening within your community. So much to do for all ages and abilities, learn new skills and make new friends.

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Café & Kitchen

Our award winning and vibrant café & kitchen is the heart of Lambhill Stables and is run almost entirely by a team of loyal and dedicated volunteers. We focus on providing simple but healthy food at great prices and we use whenever possible fruit and vegetables from our extensive gardens.

We serve delicious hot and cold food and always have at least one daily special dish. We also host and welcome many walking and cycling groups who enjoy our cafe as a convienent stop off point from walking or cycling along the beautiful canal.

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lambhill stables
lambhill stables

Bike Hub

Our hugely successful Bike Hub continues to grow and develop and provides affordable repairs and servicing, we also have bikes for sale and hire for both adults and children.

Our experienced and friendly team can help you with everything from servicing your bike to replacing the chain. We offer three different service packages starting at just £15.

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Community Gardens

Our Community Garden is a site of natural beauty bordered by the Forth and Clyde Canal on one side and Possil Marsh on the other. The gardens make a perfect setting off point, for exploring the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

Our gardens are open and to be enjoyed by everyone. Come and spend some time in our restful and peaceful spaces and then join us for a refreshing cup of tea and a slice homemade cake in our lovely café and kitchen.

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Community Gardens at Lambhill Stables