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October week activities

During our October week, there will be a range of activities
available for the young people and families.
Arts and crafts will be up and running from
12:00pm until 15:00pm on
Tuesday 16th Oct, Wednesday 17th Oct, Friday 19th Oct.

Our Thursday activities includes a day out for the young people,
on the boat from Lambhill Stables along the canal

There will be lunch provided, and we will then head back again to Lambhill Stables for 3:00pm.

There are only 7 Spaces available for this on a first come first serve basis,
so please email or call in if you
Would like to participate on this event.

If you would like to stay at Lambhill, or have missed a space on
the boat there will be some activities running at Lambhill stables.

Please see our poster on here and on our Facebook Youth page
for more information about the weekly plans.


If you would like any more information
please email us at: admin@lambhillstables.org

or call us on: 0141 945 4100


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