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Holyrood 31/5/17
Climate Challenge Fund Projects (Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn)
Bob Doris (SNP)
I commend the impressive level of investment that benefits my constituents, and draw particular attention to the award of £139,199 to Lambhill Stables, which is based on the Forth and Clyde canal in my constituency. I invite the cabinet secretary to visit Lambhill Stables to see for herself how the funding for the growing together and greener Lambhill project is actively promoting and supporting lifestyle changes in the community by providing food growing spaces in its allotments, and cycling and outdoor activities through its bike workshop and youth clubs. There is a green thread running through each activity that educates and shows how we can all lead more carbon-friendly lives.

Roseanna Cunning (The Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform)

I am well aware of the good work that Lambhill Stables is doing to reduce local emissions in the north of Glasgow. It is an example of how successful the climate challenge fund has been across many different communities. I was pleased to approve funding of £140,000 this year for the project to support the community to grow its own food in allotments and to make use of derelict and underused land. I have visited other projects that are doing similar things. It brings enormous benefit when community growing becomes part and parcel of communities—in particular, urban communities.

I am, of course, open to invitations. If Bob Doris wishes to write to me with a formal invitation, I will ensure that my diary is consulted appropriately.

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