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    The Shangie

The Shangie

As part of Coal, Cottages and Canals we commissioned documentary artist and illustrator Mitch Miller to reimagine life in the vanished miners’ rows along the canal.

Mitch works in a very specialised way, using a method he has pioneered called the “dialectogram”: large, complex drawings of buildings, places and communities that combine elements of architecture, cartography, graphic art, documentary and socially engaged art/design.

Mitch joined the project in October 2016, taking part in our meetings, interviewing group members and others connected with Lambhill, reading and researching the history of the area, in particular the stories around Lochfauld Row, which many of our history group members have family connections to.

The completed work, below, entitled “The Shangie” (after Lochfauld Row’s nickname) is best seen in full in the grounds of the Stables overlooking the canal whose life it celebrates.

The Shangie - Mitch Miller

Find out more about Mitch Miller’s work at dialectograms.com

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