Youth Activities

Lambhill Stables has been active in engaging local young people, and working with them, since 2008. Our aim is to occupy young people in constructive activity, building their confidence and getting them active using the amenities right on their doorstep. We specialise in running a wide range of diversionary activities such as:

  • Drop-in youth club.
  • Environment “Get Green” group.
  • Gardening.
  • Cycling.
  • Canoeing.
  • Schools workshops.
  • Tailored employability activities.

We place considerable emphasis on youth work and its integration with our wider economic, social and environmental activities. The feedback from young people has been extremely positive, with most reporting benefits in areas such as personal confidence, skills and health. We will seek funding to continue and develop this activity.

Tied in with these youth activities is a range of “wilderness and waterways” activities, funded by Scottish Natural Heritage, which target both young people and adults. Activities delivered as part of this include:

  • Weekly guided cycle, walking and canoeing tours along the Canal and pathways (356 participants already recorded).
  • Achievement of the John Muir Award via taster sessions and wilderness activities in the Possil Marsh Site of Special Scientific Interest (73 unique participants).
  • Art in Nature programme (34 unique participants).
  • Wilderness “Open Day” event (202 unique participants).

We have recruited 15 volunteers to support the John Muir and Art in Nature events and will be further enhancing the reach of this project through Open Schools week events.


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