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    Social Activities

Social Activities

All local residents are welcome to participate in the huge range of activities on offer at Lambhill Stables. Our funding ensures that we respond to feedback from the community and provide access to quality services and facilities. Since 2009 we have:

  • Refurbished the derelict Lambhill Stables building, which was an eyesore and a magnet for antisocial behavior for over 20 years, into a community facility.
  • Created a 1-acre Community Garden which grows food for our Community Café.
  • Turned 9 acres of “shanty town” land in a residential area being used for keeping dangerous dogs, drug use and other antisocial behavior into a productive growing space for local residents.
  • Reduced isolation for elderly residents by providing a range of activities.
  • Offered an alternative to boredom and anti-social behavior by providing activities for young people.


The Community Garden is located adjacent to the Stables building in a site of stunning natural beauty, and is bordered by the Forth and Clyde Canal on one side and Possil Marsh Nature Reserve and bird sanctuary on the other. This also makes the Stables a unique setting-off point for exploring the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

The Garden provides a focus for much of our VOLUNTEERING, OCCUPATIONAL and THERAPEUTIC activities. Many different groups have been involved in working with our Community Gardeners to transform the land from a disused and overgrown field into a thriving and productive garden. We grow vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers using organic and sustainable methods.

This area also includes a Garden of Contemplation incorporating sculpture work created by our team and volunteers, and a special raised planter area which can be tended by people with mobility difficulties.


A key element of our social inclusion work at the Stables is encouragement of volunteering. A key strength that we bring is the range of volunteering opportunities for different people and groups within our local communities. Our Volunteer Coordinator organises, inductions, regular reviews, liaison with colleagues to ensure that tasks are appropriate to the volunteer, development of volunteer pathways with tutors, motivation of volunteers and monitoring of volunteer activity to provide feedback to funders.

Robust and comprehensive policies, processes and procedures are already in place to support our volunteers. You can contact our Volunteer Coordinator on 0141 945 4100.

Community Cafe

The Cafe on the Canal is the heart of all our community activities. Why not join us for some delicious home baking.


Social Life

We have a great social life at the Stables, whether it is coming to the Cafe or joining one of our many groups you are bound to meet new friends and join in the fun!