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    Environmental Activities

Environmental Activities

Our key environmental activities are:

  • Development and tending of our 1-acre community garden, which is adjacent to the Lambhill Stables building and which provides a focus for much of our volunteering and therapeutic activities.
  • Our “Plan-Do-Check-Act” project, which is funded through the Climate Challenge Fund.

The community garden has, over time, been transformed from a disused and overgrown field into a thriving and productive garden, growing over 60 different types of vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers. The garden area incorporates an adjacent contemplative garden space incorporating sculpture work produced by our team and volunteers as well as raised beds suitable for tending by people with mobility difficulties.

The garden has a particular focus on therapeutic horticulture with approximately 50 volunteers currently taking part in activities. The garden is also expected to be an important focal point of our emerging social prescribing activity as described below.

The “Plan-Do-Check-Act” project commenced in August 2014 and is funded to support locally grown food production. As the name suggests, the project aims to reduce carbon emissions through a number of means:

  • By encouraging energy saving in homes, schools and community buildings.
  • By evolving a range of portable growing spaces.
  • By encouraging the management and reduction of food waste.

The project is now well underway and is making considerable progress whilst recognising that, as anticipated, the process of encouraging behavioural change within the local community is a challenging one.

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