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    Central Support

Central Support

The Central Support Team has a number of responsibilities in the provision of the range of activities and services available at Lambhill Stables.

  • Management of the Campus as a Multi-Activity Centre.
  • Line management of staff responsible for delivering individual activities.
  • Marketing of the organisation and its services.
  • Liaison with our communities and stakeholders.
  • Financial management of the organisation.
  • Fundraising to ensure the viability of existing and planned activities.
  • Development of new initiatives, such as …..

Development of the Waterman’s Cottage

We propose to secure a long-term lease from Scottish Water to allow us to re-develop the derelict Waterman’s Cottage which sits adjacent to our current premises, facing on to the main road. Physically, this is naturally part of the Lambhill Campus and its sympathetic development will allow us to tie together the different elements of our services and activities, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Specifically, we envisage that the re-developed facility will be a literal “shop front” to Lambhill Stables Campus, providing the following facilities and associated benefits:

  • A reception and information facility which will encourage members of the local community and others to come in and find out more about Lambhill Stables.
  • An advice and information point about direct public-facing and community engagement activities, such as the work carried out under the Climate Challenge Fund.
  • A display and demonstration space where the work of our various groups can be shown off to the public.
  • A small-scale retail facility where members of the public can purchase garden produce and arts items produced in our groups.
  • Promotional space to showcase the work of Stable Solutions.

The adjacent yard space, which we already use on an informal basis, could provide an ancillary facility for sale of appropriate items in addition to an increased propagation area for the Community Gardens.

The development of the facility in this way will mean that potential visitors will have a point of access to Lambhill Stables Campus along with access to the café facility and parking, allowing them to explore the canal side area and the wider sites of interest. It also provides us with another element to support volunteering and employability work, for example, in retail and customer service skills and will have the likely additional benefit of freeing up space within our main building.

We have opened discussions with the Big Lottery and other funders to source the necessary capital and revenue required to deliver the work.

Development of Glentanar Workshop

Glentanar Workshop, which at present is primarily used by Stable Solutions, provides us with an opportunity to establish a Skills Development Centre, which would be one of the elements that we could offer as part of our social prescribing service. This could also include a design centre and showroom for the work of Stable Solutions.

To achieve this, there would be a requirement to upgrade the premises and to install additional equipment. Again, we have opened discussions with likely funders to source the necessary capital and revenue required to deliver the work.

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